The Archive: Links to all previous articles

Driving in my taxi around Parliament Square… (image copyright Elizabeth Dalziel)

Below you will find links and brief descriptions of all previous articles that have appeared on this site- just click any title that takes your fancy and the story will open in a new tab.

1. The Chelsea Pensioner

My very first article details the time I met a red-coated Chelsea Pensioner

2. When Cab becomes Ambulance

Precisely when you don’t want to hit a traffic jam…

3. Cab Grumps 

A most awkward fare…

4. Down and Out in London

Thoughts on the city’s homeless folk 

5. Cold War London Part One: The Spy Game

Dead letter boxes, secret bricks and more

6. The Wall

A passenger tells me the story of how her parents fled East Berlin in 1961

7. A Fare of Two Halves

A charming man with a darker side…

8. Cold War London Part Two: Bunker Mentality

London’s secret tunnels… and a Soviet tank near the Old Kent Road! 

9. London’s Earliest Photograph

A true glimpse of the past; London pictured in 1839

10. London Can Take it

A moving portrait of London during the 1940s Blitz 

Bill Sikes… see Fear & Loathing in Shad Thames

11. Waterloo Sunset 

A bridge which holds a very special place in my heart 

12. Waterloo Reggae

The story of Mr Clive Natural; a true friend of the taxi trade

13. The London Eye Capsules 

Ever wondered why there are 32 pods on the London Eye?

14. The Unfinished Motorway

Where the M1’s southern tip was really meant to end up

15. Wembley Stadium: A Little Trivia

Some incredible facts and figures 

16. Old St Paul’s 

What did the cathedral look like before its present incarnation? 

17. Death and Loathing in Shad Thames

Daleks, Bill Sikes and more…

18. Basing Street Studios: Do They Know it’s Christmas? 

A look at Notting Hill’s famous recording studio 

19. Mind Your Head!

Why is there a sculpture of a spike on London Bridge’s southern end? 

20. An Eccentric Restaurateur 

The crazy, tragic life of Peter Langan 

The Dublin Castle, Camden- see Euston Station, Part 1

21. A History of Marylebone Station

Cricket, The Beatles and more…

22. Friday Night on Old Street

The joys of dealing with a boozed up group

23. Berkley’s Barks

Some trivia relating to Berkley Square’s magnificent trees

24. Werewolves and Make-up

A passenger tells me the story of how she began her career on the set of the 1981 film, ‘An American Werewolf in London’ 

25. A History of Paddington Station

Anglo-Saxon Chiefs, Isambard Kingdom Brunel and more…

26. Dr Salter’s Daydream

My favourite London statues goes missing…

27. Little Italy

A look at Clerkenwell’s Italian heritage

28. A History of Euston Station Part One

The Roundhouse, Navvies and more…

29. A History of Euston Station Part Two

The 1960s onwards

30. Joseph Merrick: The Elephant Man Part One

A look at the places in London associated with Joseph Merrick

Two mice eating cheese… see London’s smallest statue

31. Joseph Merrick: The Elephant Man Part Two

The latter part of Joseph’s life and his time at the Royal London Hospital 

32. Neon Lucozade

Chiswick’s Famous sign 

33. London’s Smallest Statue

What’s the story behind the two mice eating cheese? 

34. A History of King’s Cross Station Part One

The Flying Scotsman, King’s Cross on film and more

35. A History of King’s Cross Station Part Two

Fire and re-birth 

36. Old Tom of Leadenhall

The true tale of a very grand old goose

37. Logie Baird’s London Part One

How the famous Scottish inventor gave life to television in London

38. Logie Baird’s London Part Two

The earliest television broadcasts and Logie Baird’s later work at Crystal Palace

39. A History of St Pancras Station Part One

From a Roman Martyr to Hardy’s Tree

40. A History of St Pancras Station Part Two

The station’s renaissance 

The Sweeney… see Euston Films’ Greatest Hits

41. Euston Films’ Greatest Hits: Cult TV from the streets of 1970s and 80s London

A look at the legendary Euston Films; creators of ‘The Sweeney’, ‘Minder’ and more

42. The Olympics 2012: Metro Blog

The first in a series of guest blogs which I wrote for ‘Metro’ online during the summer of 2012

43. A Ghostly Canine

The tale of a petrifying, ghostly dog which supposedly haunts an area near the Old Bailey 

44. Brook Street & The Bee Gees

A look at Mayfair’s 67 Brook Street and the music legends with which it’s associated 

45. The Olympics 2012: Metro Blog

A look at London’s first mascots 

46. A History of Broad Street Station 1865-1986

Looking back at a now long lost London railway terminus 

47. The Olympics 2012: Metro Blog

London’s Earliest Stadium 

48. The Sad Tale of Giro & Dr. Leopold 

The story of former German ambassador, Dr Leopold von Hoesch and his unfortunate dog, Giro

49. Bishops, Bones & Birds

Looking back to Southwark’s rather more debauched days…

50. London’s Secret Runway

A secret airstrip created for the Royals during the Cold War? What do you think? 

The Battersea Peace Pagoda

51. The Olympics 2012: Metro Blog

A guide to the Olympic National Pavilions 

52. The Trellick Tower: From Doom to Desire

A look at one of west London’s most iconic landmarks 

53. Achilles’ Willie 

Park Lane’s rather revealing sculpture…

54. The Olympics 2012: Metro Blog

A Cabbie’s forbidden fruit

55. The Battersea Peace Pagoda

The story behind a beautiful gift from Japan 

56. The Olympics 2012: Metro Blog

Hey LOCOG leave those words alone!

57. A History of Liverpool Street Station, Part 1

Featuring Bedlam, The Elephant Man, Stalin and Lenin 

58. A History of Liverpool Street Station, Part 2

From the World Wars to the present day 

59. The Elfin Oak

A curios little tree in Kensington Gardens

60. Snakehips at the Cafe de Paris

The story of Snakehips Johnson, a performer who was killed during the Blitz 

Entrance to Lower Robert Street… see a Ghostly Tunnel in the Heart of London

61. Christian the Lion: A Big Cat in Chelsea

The moving tale of a lion cub who was purchased from Harrods- and would later feature in one of the internet’s most famous clips

62. The Olympics 2012: Metro Blog

How The Olympics Broke my Heart

63. The Cruel Capital: Two Grim Road Firsts

England’s earliest motor vehicle deaths 

64. Cabbie’s Curios: An Ancient Taxi Rank

Revealing Southwark’s ‘ferryman’s bench’

65. Baker Street, Part 1: Sleuths, Spies & Scoundrels 

The history behind one of London’s most famous roads

66. Baker Street, Part 2: Tubes, Beatles & Lost Property 

More trivia on one of London’s most famous roads

67. Lovely Day for a Guinness on Fleet Street

The history of Fleet Street’s Tipperary pub

68. 304 Holloway Road: Inside the Tortured Mind of the Telstar Man

The tragic story of pioneering record producer, Joe Meek

69. Lower Robert Street… a Ghostly Tunnel in the Heart of London

A most unusual cabbie cut-through…

70. In & Out the Eagle

The history of The Eagle pub in Hoxton

Artist, Francis Bacon drinking in The French House, Soho… see Disturbing Daubs: Francis Bacon’s London (image: The Guardian)

71. Disturbing Daubs: Francis Bacon’s London

The London sites associated with controversial 20th century artist, Francis Bacon

72. A History of the Elephant & Castle, Part 1

The story behind this famous south London location, including the possible origins of the name and the Charlie Chaplin connection

73. A History of the Elephant & Castle, Part 2

The area at war and controversial modern architecture

74. Tales from the Terminals: Fenchurch Street

Including Britain’s first railway murder…

75. Farewell to Finchley’s Gentle Giant

A tribe to Horace White, a popular Finchley resident who died suddenly in October 2012

76. An Atrocity at the Adelphi

A shocking murder which occurred outside the Adelphi’s stage door in 1897

77. Candid Capital: Harley Scooter

78. Droogs About Town: Locations featured in ‘A Clockwork Orange’

A guide to the numerous, offbeat locations featured in Stanley Kubrick’s controversial 1971 film

79. Candid Capital: All Quiet on Platform 3

80. Candid Capital: Booster Bus

Basing Hill, north London… see Suburban SOS: An Early Aviation Disaster

81. Elegance with a Dark Side: A History of St James’s Park

Today St James’s Park is one of London’s most beautiful green spots… but it wasn’t always so…

82. Candid Capital: Trunk Road Twilight

83. Suburban SOS…An Early Aviation Disaster

The first fatal civilian airline crash to occur in Britain

84. A Quack in Covent Garden

The details of a rather baffling doctor’s receipt from the late 1780s

85. Melancholy Grace: The Boy with a Dolphin statue

The sad story behind Chelsea’s elegant sculpture

86. A Christmas Carol… London locations

A guide to the locations featured in Charles Dickens’ Christmas classic

87. Candid Capital: Keep Calm & Watch Wimbledon

88. Cabbie’s Curios: The Waterloo Siren

What’s the story behind this still visible air-raid siren?

89. Candid Capital: Market Melancholy 

90. Happy Birthday London Underground

The 150th anniversary of the world’s oldest subway system

Ship’s figurehead… see Tobacco Dock: Wapping’s Ghostly Mall

91. Candid Capital: Meeting her Maj

92. Tobacco Dock: Wapping’s Ghostly Mall

The story behind an abandoned Docklands shopping centre

93. The Crown in Cricklewood

A history of a north-west London landmark

94. From Prayer to Palestra: The Ring at Blackfriars

A lost boxing venue- and the world’s first female boxing promoter 

95. Candid Capital: Down on the Southbank

96. Tales from the Terminals: Cannon Street station

A history of Cannon Street terminus 

97. Rotherhithe’s Royal Ruins

Where to find the ruins of a long, lost palace…

98. Candid Capital: George the Busking Mutt

99. Candid Capital: Electric Blue

100. Crystal Palace Park, Part 1

The history behind London’s celebrated south London park including lost tunnels and an almighty fire

Tunnel on Abbey Street…see Secrets of the Viaducts, Part 2

101. Crystal Palace Park, Part 2

Featuring Bob Marley, The Italian Job and more…

102. Candid Capital: Crystal Palace Crows

103. Candid Capital: Tired of London, Tired of Life

104. Young Mozart’s London

The great composer’s time as a child in the city

105. Candid Capital: Reach for the Moon

106. The Markets that Never Were…

A look at some Victorian proposals for large markets that never came to fruition

107. Secrets of the Viaducts: Walking the London Bridge to Greenwich Arches, Part 1

The story behind London’s earliest passenger railway 

108. Secrets of the Viaducts: Walking the London Bridge to Greenwich Arches, Part 2

The Blitz, subterranean rivers and more…

109. Secrets of the Viaducts: Walking the London Bridge to Greenwich Arches, Part 3

Murder, biscuits and early canned food…

110. Secrets of the Viaducts: Walking the London Bridge to Greenwich Arches, Part 4

V2s and ghost stations 

Mural of Vincent Van Gogh, Stockwell… see Van Gogh’s London

111. Secrets of the Viaducts: Walking the London Bridge to Greenwich Arches, Part 5

The final instalment, including a vanished canal, London’s oldest station, Squeeze and Dire Straits

112. Candid Capital: Creature in Court

113. Candid Capital: Shop Smash

114. Candid Capital: Bash Street on Thames

115. A Forgotten Museum with a Grim Past…

A look at the now derelict Nature Study Museum… which also harbours a Jack the Ripper link

116. Candid Capital: Southbank Smurf

117. Van Gogh’s London

The story behind the great artist’s time in London and the locations with which he’s associated

118. Candid Capital: Rainbow Stairway

119. From Lost Memorial to Abandoned Tube

Nelson’s Tree, a ghostly tube station and a short story by the late, great Sir John Betjeman

120. Early Road Pricing: London’s Lost Turnpikes

A look at the system of tollgates which once controlled London’s road network 

Brydges Place… see Covent Garden’s Cramped Alley

121. Eerie London… A Poltergeist Comes to North London

The petrifying story behind the ‘Enfield Poltergeist’ which supposedly plagued a north London family during the late 1970s…

122. Candid Capital: Victoria Rainbow

123. WWI 100: The Machine Gun Corps Memorial & the Man who Mended Faces

The ‘Suicide Club’ and the moving story behind the sculptor, Francis Derwent Wood

124. Candid Capital: Hampstead Fog

125. Covent Garden’s Cramped Alley

Where to find London’s narrowest alleyway 

126. WWI 100: The Cyprus Street Memorial

The story of a single street in Bethnal Green which lost 26 men in the Great War

127. Candid Capital: Walking in the Air over Horseferry Road

128. Kirsty MacColl…An Empty Bench in Soho Square

The life of Croydon born singer, Kirsty MacColl and where to find her memorial 

129. A Victorian Thirst Quencher 

In The City and feeling thirsty? Then look no further…

130. Tales from the Terminals: Waterloo Station, Part 1

The earliest days of the UK’s largest railway terminal 

Victorian depiction of the Waterloo & City Line… see Waterloo Station Part 3

131. Candid Capital: Bus Despair

132. WWI 100: Finsbury War Monument

A memorial with some intriguing details 

133. Candid Capital: Sweets in The City

134. Candid Capital: Mosaic Memorial

135. Candid Capital: Waterloo Cherub 

136. Tales from the Terminals: Waterloo Station Part 2

A lost tube system…

137. Candid Capital: Waterloo Pigeon

138. Tales from the Terminals: Waterloo Station Part 3

A history of London’s shortest tube route; the Waterloo & City Line 

139. Candid Capital: Sharp Focus

Quintessential London film, The Long Good Friday… see a Tribute to Bob Hoskins

140. Tales from the Terminals: Waterloo Station, Part 4

Death Line: The Necropolis Railway 

141. The Pride of Poplar: A New Statue Comes to Town

The life of Teddy Baldock; Britain’s youngest ever boxing world champion

142. A Tribute to Bob Hoskins

The life and work of an acting legend 

143. WWI 100/Waterloo Station, Part 5: The London & South Western Railway Victory Arch

A memorial to railway workers who died in the Great War

144. The Pride of Poplar Returns: London’s Latest Statue

Images from the unveiling of Teddy Baldock’s statue at Langdon Park, Poplar 

145. Tales from the Terminals: Waterloo Station, Part 6

Waterloo wildlife- a look at the surprising amount of fauna associated with the terminal

146. Tales from the Terminals: Waterloo Station, Part 7

A range of trivia, including the famous Waterloo clock, a lost cinema and Waterloo on film

147. ’Terminus’- the full film (Waterloo Station, Part 8) 

An early fly-on-the-wall masterpiece filmed at Waterloo Station in 1961

148. Candid Capital: Street Squirrel 

149. Tales from the Terminals: Waterloo Station, Part 9

Waterloo’s dark side- including murder and medical horror…

150. Tales from the Terminals: Waterloo Station, Part 10

Leake Street; the derelict tunnel beneath Waterloo which is now a stunning shrine to street art

Jimi Hendrix posing on Montagu Place… see Jimi Hendrix’s London, Part 1

151. Tales from the Terminals: Waterloo Station, Part 11

The early days of the Eurostar

152. The Waterloo Collection

Links to all sections on the history of Waterloo Station

153. Jimi Hendrix’s London, Part 1

The story of the legendary musician’s life in London and the sites with which he’s associated

154. Jimi Hendrix’s London, Part 2

The numerous venues and recording studios associated with Jimi 

155. Candid Capital: Love Portal

156. Jimi Hendrix’s London, Part 3

More sites and the events behind Jimi Hendrix’s tragic death at the age of 27

157. Great Loss of Life: Oceanic House & the Titanic Newsboy

The photograph of a newspaper boy bearing a headline announcing the Titanic sinking is one of the most iconic images associated with the disaster. Here’s the lad’s story…

158. Cabbie’s Curios: In Town

A heartwarming statue near Battersea Bridge

159. Candid Capital: Blase Bicycle 

160. London’s Best Ghost Photographs 

A Halloween special…

George Washington’s statue… see Trafalgar Square’s American Patch

161. Stressful Streets: Concert Hall Approach

A short road in London that’s bound to raise the blood pressure

162. Candid Capital: Bubbles in the Basement

163. Trafalgar Square’s American Patch

The story behind London’s George Washington statue and the secret it apparently hides

164. The Salters Return, Part 1

An update on the ‘Doctor Salter’s Daydream’ statue which was stolen in 2011

165. Candid Capital: St Pancras Sunset

166. The Salters Return, Part 2

The unveiling of a new and updated sculpture dedicated to a much beloved London family

167. WWI 100: The London Troops Monument

The story behind the memorial which stands outside the Royal Exchange

168. WWI 100: The Christmas Truce, December 24th 1914

A moving image from a 100 year old cover of the Illustrated London News

169. Candid Capital: Cures Wounds & Sores

St Alban’s Tower

170. The London Temperance Hospital

The history of a long abandoned medical facility near Euston

171. Candid Capital: Night Shopper

172. The Policemen’s Wall

A tucked away curio covered in 19th century graffiti 

173. Victorian Relief

Where to spot a grimy 19th century outdoor urinal…

174. Long Lost Dread: The Millbank Penitentiary 

The history behind a much fear gaol, the site of which is now occupied by Tate Britain

175. Candid Capital: The Self Preservation Society

176. WWI 100: The Imperial Camel Corps

One of London’s more unusual WWI memorials

177. St Alban’s Tower

How a single church tower came to be marooned 

178. Candid Capital: Marble Arch Deco

179. Candid Capital: Sign Mish-Mash

180. Craig’s Court: A Curious Cul-de-sac

A tucked away spot near Trafalgar Square

God’s Own Junkyard… see The Man Who Made Soho Glow

181. Up the Common People

The George Tavern and the making of the music video for Pulp’s ‘Common People’

182. Portcullis Precursors: Westminster’s Forgotten Designs…

How this important building could’ve looked

183. Candid Capital: The Trellick Tower

184. The Man who Made Soho Glow

‘God’s Own Junkyard’ and the life of neon-maestro, Chris Bracey 

185. Candid Capital: Dizzy Heights Hotel

186. Halloween Special: Scary London Scenes, Part 1

1984, The Omen and more…

187. Halloween Special: Scary London Scenes, Part 2

Day of the Triffids, zombies and nuclear war…

188. Candid Capital: Pearly King on Camera

189. Glimpse of the Past: John Logie Baird at Selfridges 

The celebrated inventor demonstrating early television in March 1925

190. Candid Capital: Rush Hour

David Bowie Mural, Brixton… see Time Out Blog: David Bowie’s London

191. Remembering George Cole

A tribute to the much beloved actor

192. Time Out Blog: Seven places in London linked to a Christmas Carol

193. Time Out Blog: A Guide to London Cabbie Slang

194. Bring Back the Lucozade Sign

A petition to save a south-west London icon

195. David Bowie 1947-2016

My initial reaction to the legendary musician’s death

196. Time Out Blog: David Bowie’s London

197. Time Out Blog: Cold War London

198. Candid Capital: Fleet Street Sunset

199. Candid Capital: Phone Box Lineup

200. Time Out Blog: A Complete History of Paddington Station

Tube poster advertising ‘2001 a Space Odyssey’, 1968… see A Monolith in St Katharine Docks

201. Candid Capital: Beer Pump Clips

202. Time Out Blog: 12 vintage shows set in London that will remind you of your childhood

203. A Monolith in St Katharine’s Docks

Where to find a prototype prop from Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’

204. Time Out Blog: Scottish London

205. Cabbie’s Curios: Gormley’s Reflection

206. Time Out Blog: Bob Marley’s London

207. Monument to the Unknown Artist

A statue that may surprise you…

208. Muhammad Ali at the GPO Tower

A tribute to the one of the world’s greatest sportsmen

209. Candid Capital: Dawn at Richmond Park

210. Time Out Blog: Everything you need to know about Marylebone Station

Del Boy, Grandad and Rodney… see The Birth of Only Fools & Horses (image: BBC)

211. Candid Capital: The Rock Stop Shop

212. The Birth of Only Fools & Horses

The 35th anniversary of one of Britain’s greatest loved sitcoms and a tribute to its creator, John Sullivan 

213. London Transport’s Treasure Trove

Exploring the vast, Willie Wonka-esque London Transport Museum depot in Acton 

214. Glimpse of the past… parking on Belgrave Square, 1965

Parking chaos in the 1960s

215. Candid Capital: The Garlic Seller

216. Time Out Blog: 12 Londoners that will give you nightmares

217. The Devil & the Hackney Coachman

A 19th century ballad about a cabbie who tricks lucifer…

218. Time Out Blog: 11 Legendary Recording Studios

219. Time Out Blog: Everything you need to know about the Lord Mayor’s Show

220. Glimpse of the past… John Lennon on Broadwick Street, 1966

The famous Beatle presents London’s swankiest loo…

An old London cab… see London Taxis in 1960

221. Candid Capital: Classic London Routemaster

222. Time Out Blog: Five things you should know about Battersea Peace Pagoda

223. London Taxis in 1960

A nostalgic film from the past

234. Candid Capital: National Gallery Calling

235. Time Out Blog: Seven places in London connected with the Elephant Man; a tribute to Sir John Hurt

236. For the Love of London

My appearance in a newly published book

237. Candid Capital: The Transparent Woman

238. Time Out Blog: Six places in London connected with Pocahontas 

239. Time Out Blog: 22 Video Games set in London

240. Candid Capital: Inside Liverpool Street

Nelson’s Column… see Buffing Nelson’s Column

241. Time Out Blog: Nine things you probably didn’t know about Euston station

242. Buffing Nelson’s Column 

The hair-raising process of cleaning Trafalgar Square’s famous monument- including John Noakes’ giddying ascent in 1978

243. Grenfell Tower

Thoughts on the horrific fire which claimed many lives in June 2017

244. Candid Capital: Vintage poster

245. Glimpse of the Past: Puppy Seller, Shoreditch 1946

An image from the now long-gone Sunday pet market

256. ’The Knowledge’ at Charing Cross Theatre

Jack Rosenthal’s 1979 comedy drama comes to the stage

247. “I danced myself into the tomb”… a tribute to Marc Bolan

A look at Marc Bolan’s life on the 40th anniversary of his tragic death

248. Candid Capital: Waiting at Heathrow Airport

249. Glimpse of the past… Eerie Mannequins, a Halloween Special

The unsettling aftermath of a fire at Madame Tussauds…

250. Candid Capital: Taxi & Wedding Bus

The Tower of London in the 1600s… see The Gunpowder Plot

251. The Gunpowder Plot

The story behind the infamous plot of 1605…

252. My Upcoming Book… The Knowledge: Train Your Brain Like a Cabbie

A sneak preview of my first book

253. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… London’s Star Wars Connections

Sites around the capital associated with the much beloved franchise 

254. Please support the family of taxi driver, Mr Imtiaz Mohammed

A fund raiser for a Birmingham cabbie who was killed in a tragic road accident

255. Candid Capital: Mayfair Christmas

256. Sherbert Dab: An Oral History of the London Taxi

In 2017 pupils from several London schools conducted interviews with London cabbies and created a wonderfully produced film. I was honoured to take part in the project, the results of which can be seen and heard here…

257. Two Minutes to Midnight

Clips from the terrifying 1980 ‘Panorama’ documentary, ‘If the Bomb Drops’ which envisioned a large nuclear weapon being detonated over the capital. What would residents of Shepherds Bush do?

258. Candid Capital: Nelson’s Column at Dusk

259. When Walt came to Southwark

Walt Disney discovers Disney Street…

260. My First Book: The Knowledge: Train Your Brain Like a Cabbie

Information and a preview of my first book…

The Caning on Conduit Street… see Lord Camelford: Gentleman Thug, Part 1

261. Lord Camelford: Gentleman Thug, Part 1

First part in a tale about an extraordinary 18th century figure

262. Love is the Answer

Remembering the late, great Rik Mayall- and where to find his London memorial

263. Lord Kitchener: The King of Calypso 

Looking back at the arrival of the Empire Windrush

264. Lord Camelford: Gentleman Thug, Part 2

Concluding the history of the 18th century’s most notorious nobleman…

265. Glimpse of the past: Pete at Broad Street, 1972

A friend of the View from the Mirror shares a photo taken at the now long vanished Broad Street railway terminus

266. The Queen of Soul in London: A Tribute to Aretha Franklin

Detailing the late, great Aretha Franklin’s visit to London in 1970

267. Candid Capital: Taking Liberties 

268. Appearance in The Guardian

A link to an article in The Guardian (‘How to focus- tips from a Cambridge don, London cabbies and others) in which I appear

269. The Crimes of Dennis Nilsen

A chilling look at the serial killer, Dennis Nilsen who killed at least 12 men in north London during the late 1970s and early 80s…

270. WWI 100: Armistice & Aftermath

What the end of the Great War meant for London- including the Cenotaph, the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior and the various hospitals that were established to help those who’d been afflicted 

1958 poster advertising Buddy Holly & the Crickets… see When Buddy Came to London

271. The 30th Anniversary of the Clapham Rail Disaster

Examining the tragedy that occurred near Clapham Junction on the 12th December 1988

272. From London to Lockerbie: The 30th Anniversary of Pan Am 103

Remembering one of the UK’s worst terror atrocities

273. Christmas Thanks

A short thank you and snippets from those who’ve reviewed my book; The Knowledge Train Your Brain Like a Cabbie

274. Candid Capital: Queuing near The Ritz

275. A Knowledge Examiner Speaks

News on a new book by former Knowledge of London examiner, Chris Ackrill 

276. An Oral History of London’s Dock Workers

The team behind ‘Sherbet Dab’ have now produced a documentary looking at those involved with a now sadly lost London industry. Here’s where to see it…

277. When Buddy Came to London

On the 60th anniversary of the early rock and roll legend’s tragic death, here’s a look at the sites associated with his visit to London in 1958

278. Keith Flint: A Tribute to The Firestarter

A post in honour of one of the ’90s greatest frontmen

279. Candid Capital: From the Suburbs to The City


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