Candid Capital: The Trellick Tower

The Trellick Tower

Trellick Tower

This iconic building has loomed over West London for over forty years. Please click here to read an earlier post in which I detail the tower’s history. 



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  1. Cracking photo, and great detail in the linked post. This tower block was the background to much of my working life, for over twenty years. I worked at the ambulance station in St Mark’s Road, and not only attended many calls inside, I had to drive past it countless times every working day too. I have referred to it a few times on my own blog. Here are some examples.
    I love the thing myself, but then I am a fan of ‘Brutalist’ architecture generally.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Many thanks, Pete. Loved your articles, the one about the failed base jump was a fascinating account. Am I right in thinking someone attempted (and also failed) a base jump from the Hilton on Park Lane many years ago?

      Thanks again.

      1. It was 2006, but they survived. Here’s a link.
        Glad you enjoyed the posts. Pete.

      2. Sorry, I meant to add, further down the link is what you are referring to. A man died jumping from the Hilton, in 1992. I didn’t do that one!

      3. Many thanks for that, Pete. I’ve a vague memory of my Dad telling me about the incident years ago, he used to work a lot around that area. Seems the current craze nowadays is ‘urban exploration’; breaking into buildings which are off limits… which can still be pretty dangerous I suppose…

  2. Richard Lister | Reply

    Stunning photo – and your earlier post is utterly fascinating. You might want to consider adding this beautiful song by Emmy the Great to the “Music” section –

    Thanks for your site – it’s wonderful!

    1. That’s a brilliant link, Richard. Many thanks.

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