Other articles and appearances in the press & media

Over the years I’ve appeared in numerous publications, radio shows and television programmes including Time Out, BBC Radio 4, National Geographic and NHK Japan.

If you have a project in mind I’m always happy to discuss and participate in such work. Please email me: cabbierob@gmail.com for further details.

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  1. I did not know you had an interest in famous crimes and criminals in the London area,we do share the
    same interest in that respect. I spent a lot of time researching the murder of three policemen in W 12
    in 1966, I have every detail in my head, Harry Roberts the ringleader of the three men that commited the crime is still in jail after 47 years. The only man that as been in jail longer is Ian Brady the moors

    1. Hello James,

      Thanks for the comment. I first learnt about the Harry Roberts murder whilst studying the Knowledge- I found the Three Policemen’s memorial and wondered what on earth had happened back in 1966. When I looked it up, I was utterly shocked; one of London’s most horrendous crimes without a doubt.

  2. Hey there. Great to find your site. I’ve visited London several times, 5 I think, over the years; 1st as college senior 1970-71! I’m an unashamed Anglophile (American) and
    like the saying goes and I agree, “if you are tired of London, you are tired of life” or
    words similar. I’m not tired yet. Did Benjamin Franklin say that or an Englishman? I don’t recall now.
    Anyway, I shall be reading your info often as my financial straits are very dire as a poor
    retiree and probably won’t get another trip over.

    A story of my love of London cabbies: my first weeks in London back in 1970, I had
    been with fellow students to Soho club (Eric Burdon and War band were playing
    with none other than Jimi Hendrix playing along [he died shortly after, in next week
    I think].) We “groupies” followed the band to hotel. I was really tired so decided to return
    on my own to our dorm hotel, 35 Gower Street (still part of Eckerd College London Study
    Centre). I didn’t have a clue where I was in relation to “home”. What should appear
    on the lonely, foggy street but a beautiful black cab who drove right up to me and
    promptly got me to my destination. He left me with the warning that a young girl
    out not to be out so late alone, then drove off. I’ve loved those cabbies ever since!

    1. Thank you Magge, love your kind words 🙂

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