The Crimes of Dennis Nilsen (Part One)

During the late 1970s and early 80s, London was stalked by one of Britain’s most notorious serial killers- a seemingly unassuming civil servant named Dennis Nilsen who died in prison earlier this year.

Dennis Nilsen shortly after his arrest in 1983

I have now started a series examining Nilsen’s life and horrific crimes on my second website; The Crime Compendium.

To read part one, please click here (viewer discretion is advised)



The Queen of Soul in London: A Tribute to Aretha Franklin

This photo of the late, great Aretha Franklin pictured with two London bobbies was snapped for Jet magazine in August 1970 when the undisputed Queen of Soul was in town for a number of dates at the Hammersmith Odeon

Around the same time Aretha also played a set on the Cliff Richard Show at BBC Television Centre.

A clip from that programme in which Aretha sings the incredibly moving Don’t Play That Song You Lied can be viewed below.

Rest in peace Aretha.


Glimpse of the Past: Pete at Broad Street 1972

This gloriously sharp- and very nostalgic image- was sent in by friends of the site, Brian and Pete and shows Pete standing on a platform at the now long-lost Broad Street station in 1972

Pete at Broad Street, 1972. Copyright Brian Henson.

Pete at Broad Street, 1972. Copyright Brian Henson.

Broad Street was a railway terminal which was located directly beside Liverpool Street station and served The City from 1865 until it’s closure and demolition in 1986. The area today is now covered by the large Broadgate office and leisure complex.

If you’d like to learn more about Broad Street please click here for an article which I previously wrote about the old terminal.

Many thanks to Brian Henson for his kind permission in allowing the use of this picture.