My next book….

I’m very pleased to announce that I recently secured a deal with the Crowood Press for my second book: a history of Waterloo station.

Waterloo station in the 1960s by Terence Cuneo

Due to the amount of writing and research this project will require, it is likely that my posts here will become less frequent over the next few months.

But please, fear not; I have not forgotten this site!

In the meantime, please click below to view a short, quirky film called ‘Rush Hour‘ which was made at Waterloo station in 1970:


4 responses

  1. Great news, Rob. Will it be on Kindle too?
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Many thanks, Pete. As far as I know it will be, I’ll post updates here but it’ll be a while yet!

  2. “What, another one?” (Bristol accent). I thought you’d been a bit quiet, you twisted firestarter! I look forward to a progress report.

  3. Well done, I didn’t know before you wrote about it that Waterloo Station’s entrance was built to commemorate the fallen in World War I.

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