Time Out blog: A complete history of Paddington station

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My latest piece for Time Out takes a look at the long history of Paddington station, featuring riots, royalty, ghost-trains and, of course bears…

Paddington bear tube

Please click here to read more.

Paddington station concourse

Paddington station concourse


4 responses

  1. John & Babs Bradbury | Reply

    Really enjoyed this blog about Paddington, a lot of history and Jo’s-cartoons great job Rob and sis I hope she will do more for you! Hope your car is working well for you, Jo mentioned you had wheels. love Babs



  2. A great tribute to an often overlooked thriving terminus, Rob. When I was in the Ambulance Service, we went there all the time. With so many commuters and travellers, there was always the need for an ambulance at some stage. This is one recollection you may find amusing. It was my first ever blog story in that category.


    Regards, Pete.

  3. just to say thank you for all your
    posts when visiting my relatives in Cardiff we would catch the train to London so Paddington has fond memories

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