Time Out blog: A guide to London cabbie slang

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Want to know what the logos below relate to? Then please click here to read my latest Time Out blog: A guide to London cabbie slang.

5 responses

  1. This one has helped me on the knowledge on many occasions.

    “Cat eats well then shares her beef gravy”

  2. I remember when I worked for the police, we had an ‘incident code’ for bilking, as it was so common. Some of the cabbie slang also transferred across into everyday talk in London, as we knew so many cabbies. Nice start to the new year, Rob.
    (And I agree with the related article about fares. Tourists are the best thing to freshen up your view of London.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Thanks, Pete 🙂 Happy new year.

  3. Nice article Rob.
    So the Tories want to scrap The Knowledge in favour of GPS and BIG Business do they?
    I think whoever thought that one up should have a look at this YouTube video and think again.
    Be Lucky.

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