Candid Capital:Trunk Road Twilight

Trunk Road Twilight


Trunk Road Twilight
A young couple traverse the roar of the North Circular, February 2012

10 responses

  1. Wonderful geometric silhouettes – well done

    1. Many thanks, Ravi- really appreciate your kind words 🙂

  2. Yes, a very nice picture, well composed. You caught the couple in exactly the right place. The sunset colour is just right too for throwing the silhouettes into sharp relief. If that were my photo, I would be very pleased with it.

    1. Thank you kindly, Silver Tiger

      1. Great pic and great posts love your posts they are a fantastic read and have given me some relief from calling over and point to point over the last year but I got my req last week so hope to see you out and about one day all the best and be lucky….

      2. Thanks, Dave appreciate your readership. Congratulations on getting your req! Enjoy your first day and I’ll keep an eye out for you 😉

  3. Great photo,been taking snaps of point early morning time, great city this,thanks for all your posts

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