Time Out Post: Seven places in London connected with the Elephant Man

Last week the world lost one of its finest actors: the magnificent Sir John Hurt.

John Hurt, 1980

John Hurt pictured in 1980

In 1980 John took on one of his most challenging roles- that of Joseph Merrick; aka the ‘Elephant Man‘, the tragic figure who became synonymous with late Victorian London.

The Elephant Man

Sensitive, moving and dignified, Sir John Hurt did Joseph’s legacy proud.

Sir John Hurt as Joseph Merrick

Sir John Hurt as Joseph Merrick

To read about the places in London connected with the real life Joseph Merrick, please click here.


2 responses

  1. Although I was aware of the connections, this is a fitting tribute to john Hurt, and a reminder of the sad life of Merrick too. I had read a couple of books about him before the film came out, and was keen to see how Hurt would manage such a challenging role.
    Watching that film in the cinema is one of the few times I have ever cried at a performance on screen.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Thanks for those kind words and thoughts, Pete. Joesph Merrick is by far my favourite ‘adopted’ Londoner and John hurt’s an actor I’ve always loved. Two incredible men for sure.

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