Time Out blog: Everything you need to know about Marylebone station

My latest Time Out post is a guide to Marylebone station, featuring a ghost line, The Beatles and several follies…please click here to read more.


2 responses

  1. I always used to enjoy ‘Marylebone spotting’ in TV dramas, especially Victorian and Edwardian ones. I recall it being used in the Jeremy Brett ‘Sherlock Holmes’ series quite a bit. I never realised that the pub in Aberdeen Place was originally built to serve the station. It’s a long walk from there!
    Best wishes, Pete.
    (Not your problem, but the Time Out photo of Crocker’s has to be accessed via the link and does not appear on the page)

    1. Thanks Pete. I was watched the recent ‘Paddington Bear’ film last night for the first time… and they used Marylebone station in that for an exterior shot of Paddington station!

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