Grenfell Tower

It has now been one week since the Grenfell Tower fire.

Grenfell Tower (Image: Wikipedia)

This tragedy sent a double helix of utter heartache and seething anger spiralling though me; feelings which have yet to subside. I know I’m far from alone.

As I write, the current death-toll stands at 79.

Anyone however who has seen what remains of this now charred, towering tomb will have no doubt in suspecting that this number is sadly far higher.

As someone who grew up in London and who loves the city and its people, I’ve wanted to use my platform here to express my intense views on the disaster. But in short, I’ve been unable to find words.

Instead I would encourage you to watch this interview with Cristos, a gentleman who survived the blaze.

His account speak volumes.


6 responses

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  2. Yes…he says it all.

  3. The number of deaths may never be fully established…migrants, homeless, some were not even listed as tenants. Such a tragedy.

  4. I wrote this on the 17th, Rob. I have many personal experiences of that block.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. That’s an incredible piece, Pete; very well said.

      1. Thanks, Rob. redflagflying is my ‘angry’ site.
        Cheers mate, Pete.

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