Metro Blog: How the Olympics Broke My Heart

My latest blog for ‘Metro’ takes a look at the unprecedented struggle to earn a living during the Olympic period…

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2 responses

  1. I echo your comments to the letter. I looked forward to the Olympics ferrying tourist back and forth,
    showing off London’s glorious history, but due to transport for London organisation and ignorance of us london cabbies I only had one job to the Olympic village and that was by pure luck.
    TFL road expenditure has been kept quite from the London public, it exceeded £20 million pounds.
    A complete waste of money, but who cares as TFL to the outsider seems to have a good games, but we know differently, and to rub salt into our wounds they used the iconic black cab in the closing ceremony. Oh and just to mention paid a fine for doing a right turn from marylebone road into Baker Street even though the electronic sign read use all lanes.

    1. That’s really bad luck…insult to injury. Did you appeal? Not that it usually does any good 😦

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