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A Knowledge Examiner Speaks

To those studying ‘The Knowledge of London‘ (the deeply intensive course which one must undergo in order to become a licensed London taxi driver), the examiners are godlike.

Knowledge examiners at the Public Carriage Office, Islington- as featured on the BBC’s 1996 documentary, ‘Streetwise’.

It is now possible to garner a glimpse into their mysterious world thanks to former examiner, Chris Ackrill who has just published his book; ‘From Manor House Station to Gibson Square- and back again.

In his book, Chris- who himself passed The Knowledge in 1988 and still works as a cabbie today- talks about his life which has taken many interesting twists and turns over the years- even including a stint in Louisiana, USA.

Candid, detailed and brimming with humour, his autobiography makes for a truly unique read.

You can purchase Chris’ book via YPD Books– please click here for the link .