An Oral History of London’s Dock Workers

In 2017 I had the privilege of participating in ‘Sherbet Dab‘; a project in which London schoolchildren conducted interviews with cabbies and created a film charting the history of the London taxi trade.

The same team have now created ‘Brass Tally Men‘ which examines the work and culture of London’s dock workers between the 1930s and 70s.

To hear the interviews and watch the films, please click here.

A Knowledge Examiner Speaks

To those studying ‘The Knowledge of London‘ (the deeply intensive course which one must undergo in order to become a licensed London taxi driver), the examiners are godlike.

Knowledge examiners at the Public Carriage Office, Islington- as featured on the BBC’s 1996 documentary, ‘Streetwise’.

It is now possible to garner a glimpse into their mysterious world thanks to former examiner, Chris Ackrill who has just published his book; ‘From Manor House Station to Gibson Square- and back again.

In his book, Chris- who himself passed The Knowledge in 1988 and still works as a cabbie today- talks about his life which has taken many interesting twists and turns over the years- even including a stint in Louisiana, USA.

Candid, detailed and brimming with humour, his autobiography makes for a truly unique read.

You can purchase Chris’ book via YPD Books– please click here for the link .



Candid Capital: Queuing Near The Ritz

Queuing Near The Ritz

Traffic outside the famous Ritz Hotel on Piccadilly during the summer of 2016