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‘Terminus’… Waterloo in the early 1960s (Waterloo Station Part 8)

I would like to introduce you to a very special film…

TerminusShot in 1961, ‘Terminus‘ provides an intriguing insight into Waterloo station and the London of the early 1960s- as the gallery of snapshots below demonstrates…

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The documentary- an early example of the ‘fly on the wall‘ genre- was directed by John Schlesinger, a born and bred Londoner who died in 2003 aged 77.

John Schlesinger

John Schlesinger

Schlesinger’s other works include¬†Billy Liar, Midnight Cowboy and Marathon Man.

Terminus is perhaps most famous for a controversial scene in which a five year old lad called Matthew is led to believe he has become separated from his mummy!

Don’t worry… everything works out ok in the end!

Matthew looses his mum...

Matthew looses his mum…

The entire 30 minute film (which is now free from copyright) can be viewed below…enjoy.