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Candid Capital: Inside Liverpool Street

Inside Liverpool Street

Looking up at Liverpool Street station’s vast, abstract roof, August 2015



Time Out blog: A complete history of Paddington station

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My latest piece for Time Out takes a look at the long history of Paddington station,Β featuring riots, royalty, ghost-trains and, of course bears…

Paddington bear tube

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Paddington station concourse

Paddington station concourse


Tales from the Terminals: Waterloo Collection

Over the past few months, View From the Mirror has been taking a detailed look at the history of Waterloo station.

In case you missed any instalments, the full series can be accessed below- please click the boxes for each link.

Waterloo Part One

Waterloo Part Two

Waterloo Part Three

Waterloo Part Four

Waterloo Part Five

Waterloo Part Six

Waterloo Part Seven

Waterloo Part Eight

Waterloo Part Nine

Waterloo Part Ten

Waterloo Part Eleven