Candid Capital: Sharp Focus

Sharp Focus

Sharp Focus

A particularly vicious looking CCTV camera, tucked above Sutton Walk near Waterloo station, March 2014. 

6 responses

  1. There is yellow font under the picture, which is impossible to read on a white background. Just letting you know as you maybe not aware of it. I always look forward to looking and reading through all you send. Thank you. Maureen

    1. Thanks, Maureen. I am aware of the problem with email posts and am planning a redesign in the near future.

  2. What a vile, sinister-looking nasty object.

    1. Couldn’t agree more…it’s like something from a sinister, future dystopia.

  3. Is it to deter pigeons or is it a work of modern art?

    1. Hi Helen, the spikes are indeed there to deter pigeons.

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