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“I May Not Get There With You”: The Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Part Two)

Fifty years ago on April 4th 1968 the renowned Civil Rights leader, Martin Luther King was shot and fatally wounded whilst standing on a balcony outside the Lorraine Motel in Memphis Tennessee.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The man who fired the bullet- James Earl Ray- fled to Canada before moving on to Portugal… and then London, where he was finally apprehended at Heathrow Airport.

James Earl Ray’s passport photo- in which he’s disguised as a businessman- which was presented at Heathrow Airport in 1968

The full story of James Earl Ray’s time as a fugitive in London- which involved numerous locations and two bungled robberies- can be read in full on my second site, ‘The Crime Compendium‘.

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“I May Not Get There With You”: The Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Part One)

Look above the western entrance to Westminster Abbey on Broad Sanctuary and you’ll see the ‘Ten Christian Martyrs‘; a group of small statues depicting noted 20th century figures who were killed for their beliefs.

The Ten Christian Martyrs, Westminster Abbey

Amongst those represented (5th from left) is the Rev. Dr Martin Luther King Jr, the renowned American civil rights leader who was murdered 50 years ago this April.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr

Dr King had visited London in December 1964 (whilst en-rotue to Norway to receive the Nobel Peace Prize; the youngest recipient at that time) where he gave a sermon to approximately 4,000 people from the pulpit of St Paul’s Cathedral.

Martin Luther King at St Paul’s Cathedral, 1964

During his brief stay Dr King also arranged a meet-up at the Hilton, Park Lane with people who’d recently migrated to the UK from areas such as the West Indies and Pakistan.

It was also in London that James Earl Ray– the man convicted of Dr King’s murder- would be finally apprehended….

To read the full story, please head to my second website; The Crime Compendium.