Greenacre’s Gruesome Jigsaw

The latest post on my second website, The Crime Compendium, relates a grisly true story from the London of 1836: the tale of James Greenacre, a murderer who scattered his victim’s remains across the city…

Accused of murder… James Greenacre and Sarah Gale

To read the full piece please click here (please be aware, reader discretion is advised).



6 responses

  1. I cannot leave a comment, unless I am on Facebook. That’s irritating, Rob!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Sorry Pete, I’ll have to see if there’s another way!

  2. Very interesting. Even more gory but with excellent narration of the trial is this

    1. Great link, thanks Judith. Wish I’d checked this before I wrote the article!

      In relation to Sarah being transported, I’d be very interested to know what happened to the young lad the pair had. Were the children of convicts in such cases shipped to Australia with their parents or thrown in the workhouse if not other family were around? I’m guessing they would’ve been sent down under…

  3. Also there is a record for her transportation on Find my Past but you need worldwide membership to view it.

  4. And again there is a UK accessible record that looks like this Sarah Gale. Transportation on the ship Henry Wellesley on 17 July 1837. It shows Marie’s Smith alias Caroline Bernard and Sarah Gale convicted in the Central Criminal Court on 3rd April to transportation for life. The three names are bracketed together.

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